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Person-Centered Supports-They're for Everyone

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How Will We Know?

We will know that supports are person-centered when we see that ....

There are brokers or agents available to individuals and families to assist them to plan, secure and arrange supports.

People and families have the right to select a broker/agent of their choosing.
Brokers/agents are free of conflict of interest, independent of service provision and accountable to the individual or family.
Agents/brokers are persistent advocates for the individuals and families they support.
Agents and brokers have the skills and knowledge to know what is effective.
  "Brokers/agents work for individuals and families to help them get what they need."

There is support for relationships and community membership.

People receive the support they need to have enough friends and spend time with them.
People's needs for intimate relationships are recognized and supported.
People have support to take part in social, spiritual, recreational and community activities of their choice.
People have support to exercise their citizenship and participate in community planning and/or political activities related to their interests and desires.
  "There must be support for real relationships. " - Mary Gennaro

Individuals are supported to contribute to their communities and engage in meaningful work.

Work and contributions of all types that benefit the person, community and employer are valued and supported.
Supports for work and community contributions are integrated into the workplace and everyday places in the community.
People who hold paid jobs enjoy the benefits of their work without fear of losing needed health care, housing, employment supports, transportation and other supports.
There is a good understanding of employer and community organization needs in supporting people in the workplace and making other contributions.
The system strives for individual growth and development by supporting people to change jobs; secure job upgrades, more duties and higher pay; start a business if they want; and, explore new opportunities to contribute to their communities.
  "Each individual is empowered to define meaningful work and contribution on his/her own terms."



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