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Stories of Transitions to the Adult World

Authors: Developed by Beth Swedeen


This booklet illustrates how young adults with disabilities can successfully navigate from school to adult life despite many obstacles which are illustrated in the following paragraph from the preface:

“The road to adulthood is rarely smooth, even for young people who have had the best possible preparation. When a young person has a significant disability, that journey can be even more challenging. Work experiences can be harder to come by and require more support. A young person may have to learn how to manage medications and talk to doctors along with learning how to cook and balance a checkbook. Inadequate transportation and long county waiting lists further complicate the ability to live and work in the community.”

The booklet tells the stories of four young adults explaining how they are successfully transitioning from school to adult life.

- Andrew, a young man with Down Syndrome who hoped to work in a daycare as a child care assistant

- Stephanie, a young woman with polyostotic fibrous dysplasia who hoped to attend St. Norbert College, followed by medical school in either Madison or Milwaukee with the ambition of becoming either a cardiologist, oncologist, or psychologist.

- Michael, a young man with cerebral palsy who hoped to live with support in his own home, contribute by working and volunteering in his community, and participate in recreational activities with people his own age

- Andy, a young man with autism who loved animals, gardening, and working with older adults

Excerpt and other information taken from the booklet as viewed online on 7/3/2010 (www.waisman.wisc.edu/hrtw/Transitionstories.pdf)

Contact Info:
Name:Beth Swedeen
Title:Outreach Specialist
Organization:Waisman Center (UCEDD)
Address:1500 Highland Ave
Madison, WI 53705
Phone:608/263–6745 or 800/532-3321 (Toll Free)

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