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People Planning Ahead: Communicating Healthcare and End-of-Life Wishes

Authors: Leigh Ann Creaney Kingsbury

ISBN: 978-0-940898-98-1


People Planning Ahead is a workbook that provides a comprehensive and structured way to ensure that loved ones receive care respecting their wishes and conforming to their personal, cultural, and religious beliefs during times of chronic and terminal illness, or severe disability. The book and the accompanying CD-ROM are designed to capture detailed information on an individual; from basic health information and preferences on blood transfusions to the individualís traits and personality types. Successful application of information gathered through People Planning Ahead ensures that individuals proceed through care and end-of-life stages with minimum adversity and maximum dignity.

The contents of the workbook are organized into the following three sections:

Section I: Basic Planning Guidelines

Section II: Gathering Information
This section includes many tools useful in gathering information about who the dying person is, and what is most important to him/her. Many are borrowed from Essential Lifestyle Planning.

Section III: Organizing the Information
This section provides forms and tools useful in passing information on to the medical personnel (e.g., Doctors and nurses) who will provide hands-on end-of-life care. Assumedly, many of these are included on the accompanying CD-ROM.

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