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How to Create Effective Health Messages for People with Disabilities

Authors: New York State Department of Health


This webpage reviews the basics of preparing information about healthy living that will be useful to people with disabilities. The ideas cut across disability groups, but most are targeted towards people who have sensory disabilities (deaf/hard of hearing, visual impairments) and none are targeted towards people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. The recommendations are organized under the following section titles:

- Get to know your audience

- Use focus groups to form messages and pre-test materials

- Be prepared to offer materials in alternate formats

- Be inclusive of all people

- Take advantage of easy-to-use promotional items and universally designed products

Above is based on a review of the page as viewed on 5/9/13 (http://www.health.ny.gov/publications/0957/)

Contact Info:
Organization:Disability and Health Program, New York State Department of Health
Address:Riverview Center
150 Broadway, Suite 350
Albany, New York 12204

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