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Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease

Authors: Alzheimer's Australia, Down syndrome Australia, and the Centre for Developmental Disability Health

ISBN: 978-1-921570-03-2


This eleven-page fact sheet reviews a great deal of information about Alzheimer's disease and people who have Down syndrome, click on the "Web Links" tab above to download it as a PDF. The contents are organized under the following questions:

About Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome
• What is Alzheimer’s disease?
• Why do people with Down syndrome often get Alzheimer’s disease?
• Can Alzheimer’s disease be prevented?
• Do all people with Down syndrome develop Alzheimer’s disease?
• How common is Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome?

• How is Alzheimer’s disease diagnosed in someone with Down syndrome?
• What information should be passed on to medical professionals to help with a diagnosis?
• How Does Alzheimer’s disease affect people with Down syndrome?
• My family member has shown some of these symptoms, do they have Alzheimer’s disease?
• Where can I get advice about assessment services?
• Are there treatments for Alzheimer’s disease?

• What can I do to support a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease?
• What happens to people with Alzheimer’s disease over time?
• Where can I get more information, advice and support?
• Further reading
• Contact details for State and Territory Down Syndrome Associations

Contact Info:
Organization:The Centre for Developmental Disability Health
Address:122 Thomas Street
Dandenong, Victoria 3175
Phone:(03) 9792 7888
ISBN: 978-1-921570-03-2

Web Links

Download the 11-page fact sheet as a PDF

Visit the home page of the publisher, The Centre for Developmental Disability Health - Victoria

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