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Impact: Feature Issue on Aging and People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Authors: Various


This Impact issue offers fresh, practical and challenging perspectives on supporting aging adults with disabilities and their families. Its articles from individuals with disabilities, service providers, advocates, family members, and researchers cover topics ranging from family relationships, spirituality, and health, to community inclusion, futures planning, and "what growing older means to me." This Impact offers readers an important resource as they journey with the aging individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are in their lives.

List of articles from issue:

•Make Your Voice Heard Until the Very End
•People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Growing Old: An Overview
•What Does Growing Older Mean to Me? Some Thoughts From Adults with Disabilities
•My Thoughts About Being 50: Samuel O. Jenkins (sidebar)
•An Elder Among Self-Advocates: Cliff Poetz
•There Was a Day (sidebar)
•Supporting Community Inclusion of Aging Adults with Developmental Disabilities
•Aging and End of Life: Helping the Spiritual Tasks of People with Disabilities Come Alive
•Futures Planning for Families Supporting Adults with Life-Long Disabilities
•“I’m Constantly Thinking About Bev and Her Future”: Siblings Speak About Aging
•Meeting Sibling Needs: The Sibling Support Project (sidebar)
•The Age Wave: What It Means for Families
•Strengthening Sibling Voices: The Sibling Leadership Network
•Preparing for the Future: The Lifetime Assistance Program of Arc Greater Twin Cities (Note: The name of this program was later changed to "Preparing for the Future: FutureLife Options™")
•“The Future is Now”: Training Individuals with Disabilities and Families in Future Planning
•We Can Do More to Help One Another! Creating Networks and Cooperatives
•The Role of DSPs in the Lives of Aging Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
•Caregiver: A New Paradigm in Connecticut
•Ways of Thinking About Aging with Disabilities: Select Resources
•Age-Related Health Changes for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
•Alzheimer’s and Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
•Aging with Developmental Disabilities: Women’s Health Issues
•Prostate Cancer: Information for Men with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (sidebar)
•Elder Abuse Programs and Elders with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
•Resources on Aging and Individuals with Disabilities
•Resources Promoting Healthy Living for Adults with Disabilities

Table of Contents taken from publications webpage on 4/12/10 (ici.umn.edu/products/impact/231)

Contact Info:
Name:Publications Office
Organization:Institute on Community Integration
Address:University of Minnesota
109 Pattee Hall, 150 Pillsbury Dr SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Cost:Free online. Print copies also available; 1st copy free, each additional $4

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