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Moving On Without Parents: Planning, Transitions and Sources of Support for Middle-Aged and Older Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Authors: Christine Bigby, B.A. (Hons.), M.SocWk, Ph.D.

ISBN: 1-55766-478-1


This book helps parents plan for the future of their sons and daughters who have disabilities. Here is an excerpt from the publisher’s description:

“…will discover how to plan for the transition from parental care, learn who or what services can take on the parents' role, and see how to create a network of agency and family supports. This book gives service providers, families of adults with intellectual disabilities, policymakers, students, and advocates the facts they need to plan ahead and ensure that individuals with disabilities receive the best transitional supports."

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Here are the sections and chapter titles:

I. The context

-Planning for the future
-Sources of support in later life
-Older people with intellectual disabilities: A diverse and hidden population?

II. The nature and success of parental planning

-Key person succession plans
-The transition from parental care
-The post parental care phase

III. Sources of support in later life for people with intellectual disabilities

-Informal support networks of older people with intellectual disability
-Formal support networks of older people with intellectual disability
-Understanding the post-parental care phase and ensuring adequate sources of support for ageing adults with intellectual disability

Cited from publishers web site on 4/12/10 (www.brookespublishing.com/store/books/bigby-4781/index.htm)

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