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UCLA study tackles aging issues of adults with developmental disabilities

Authors: Elaine Schmidt


A team from UCLA studied health issues and people with developmental disabilities. This article is a summary of the findings.

From the introduction:

“Though this study was conducted in 2005, its content addresses something that continues to be addressed today. The health problems that can affect a person with a disability as they age that may not be addressed for people who live in residential settings or at home with aged parents can definitely have a negative effect on the physical, psychosocial aspects of the individuals quality of life.”

Some findings:

•Only 32 percent of 167 adults received age-appropriate health screenings, such as for cholesterol, blood pressure, hearing and vision.
•59 percent were overweight or obese.
•37 percent rated their oral health as fair or poor.
•35 percent had experienced recent falls.
•33 percent had moderate to severe pain.
•28 percent did not exercise regularly.

The last part of the article has interesting conclusions and recommendations from the study’s authors.

Excerpts taken from online article on 4/12/10 (www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2005-05/uoc--ust052005.php)

Contact Info:
Name:Elaine Schmidt
Organization:University of California - Los Angeles
Address:924 Westwood Blvd
Suite 350
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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