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Healthcare Issues in Aging Adults with Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities

Authors: Carl V. Tyler Jr, MD, MS, and Garey Noritz, MD


This is a web-based article about seniors with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their healthcare needs, click on the "Web Links" tab above to read the full text online. The article is written to physicians, here is the introductory paragraph that sets the stage:

“Many adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities (IDD) are achieving life expectancies commensurate with the general population. Although they are survivors, they often have complex physical and mental health needs that have not been previously identified or treated. Geriatrics healthcare professionals may have received little formal training in their care, and may experience difficulty in distinguishing normal from atypical aging trajectories in this population.1 The following is an overview of healthcare issues related to the aging adult with IDD.”

The article then shares a great deal of information organized under these headings:

Definition of Developmental Disabilities
Epidemiology and Life Expectancies
Classification of IDD
Person-First Approach
Examination of the “Uncooperative” Patient
Syndrome Identification and Syndrome-Specific Healthcare
Secondary Conditions
Common Geriatric Consultations
Transition Issues
Consent and Advance Directives
Mental Health Disorders
Educating Healthcare Professionals

Taken from webpage on 4/7/10 (http://www.clinicalgeriatrics.com/articles/Healthcare-Issues-Aging-Adults-with-Intellectual-and-Other-Developmental-Disabilities)

Contact Info:
Name:Carl V. Tyler, M.D., M.S.
Title:Associate Professor/First author of report
Organization:Case Western University, Cleveland Clinic Department of Family Medicine

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