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The Collector of Bedford Street


The Collector of Bedford Street is a unique portrait of Larry Selman, filmmaker Alice Elliott's 60-year-old neighbor with a developmental disability. A community activist and fundraiser, Larry raises thousands of dollars for charity every year while survives on the poverty line. He lives in a rent stabilized apartment under the care of his uncle, who lives nearby. However, as his uncle ages Larry's future becomes uncertain. Because of Larry's 20 years of service to his neighborhood, the community wanted to ensure his safety and well-being. After researching their options, Larry's community created a supplemental needs adult trust fund through the United Jewish Appeal. It was the first time a group outside of an individual's family did this.

Contact Info:
Organization:New Day Films
Address:190 Route 17M
PO Box 1084
Harriman, NY 10926
Phone:(888) 367-9154
Fax:(845) 774-2945
Cost:Purchase information available at: New Day Films

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