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Facilitation Tips: Ways to Get Support at Meetings


This is a short booklet from the California Department of Developmental Services. It provides practical ways for people with disabilities to be able to fully participate in meetings. Click on the "Web Links" tab above to download the entire four-page booklet as a PDF.

The sections:
- Being Heard
- Ways to Stay Alert
- General Tips
- Getting Support

Two examples of the tips
- Take time to prepare before the meeting
- Ask someone sitting near you to help make sure you are seen, when you raise your hand or want to talk.

Information and examples taken from booklet viewed online on 5/25/2010 (www.dds.ca.gov/ConsumerCorner/docs/FacilitationBooklet.pdf)

Contact Info:
Organization:California Department of Developmental Services
Address:1600 9th Street
P. O. Box 944202
Sacramento, CA 94244-2020
Phone:916/654-1690; TTY: 916/654-2054

Web Links

Download the booklet as a PDF.

See a list of other easy to understand materials available from the California Department of Developmental Services Website

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