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Thinking Ahead: My Way, My Choice, My Life at the End


This Thinking Ahead workbook provides a way for people with disabilities to advocate for what they want in life support, treatment and other end-of-life choices. Completing this workbook will help them be prepared and have a plan to share with important people in their life.

Table of Contents
1. Choosing the Right Person to Help
2. Making Personal Requests
3. Making medical treatment choices
4. Choosing an End-of-Life Advocate
5. Staying in Control
6. Advocates Lead Project
7. Resources

Video 1: Thinking Ahead: My Way, My Choice, My Life at the End
This video explains how to complete the workbook in three languages (English, Spanish, and Chinese).

Video 2: Thinking Ahead: Betty & Connie Talk About Their Choices
Conversations with two California advocates about their personal experiences.

Video 3: Thinking Ahead - The Importance of End of Life Planning
This video gives an overview on the "Thinking Ahead" materials, with a commentary by Judy Citko, Director of the California Coalition for Compassionate Care.

-information taken on 3/26/10 from http://www.dds.ca.gov/ConsumerCorner/ThinkingAhead.cfm

Contact Info:
Organization:California Department of Developmental Services
Address:1600 9th Street
P. O. Box 944202
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone:(916) 654-1690 or TTY: (916) 654-2054.

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