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Life on Wheels: The A to Z Guide to Living Fully with Mobility Issues 2nd Edition

Authors: Gary Karp

ISBN: 1932603336 / 9781932603330


Life On Wheels is a comprehensive guidebook for people with mobility disabilities. It's written in an affirming tone that helps people pursue their true, full potential.

There are 1.7 million regular wheelchair users in the United States. Like anyone else, they work, marry, have children, travel, play sports, and are full members of their community. Life on Wheels makes sure they take full advantage of every available opportunity. It is an A-Z guide for what people need to know about different aspects of living with mobility impairment. This book offers an initial road map to the lifelong, complex, and fascinating road of the disability experience.

Life on Wheels is primarily a guidebook for those with a mobility disability, offering practical information on how to:

•adapt your home
•choose a wheelchair
•explore your sexuality
•take care of your body and much more!

Life on Wheels is designed to help people make their adjustments sooner and more completely by explaining how one adapts to disability, and by addressing misconceptions that only delay the ability to adapt. This book is useful for people who use a wheelchair and for those who share their lives with someone in a chair.

Click on the "Web Links" tab up above to go to the author's description where you can read short excerpts from each of the book's chapters, here are the chapter titles:

1. Rehabilitation
2. Healthy Disability
3. The Experience of Disability
4. Wheelchair Selection
5. Intimacy, Sex & Babies
6. Spinal Cord Research
7. Home Access
8. Getting Out There

Cited from GaryKarpSpeaks.Com

- adapted from Demos Medical Publishing Company

Contact Info:
Organization:Demos Medical Publishing
Address:11 West 42nd Street 15th Floor
New York,, NY 10036
Phone:(212) 683-0072; (800) 532-8663
ISBN:1932603336 / 9781932603330

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