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Inclusive Teaching: The Journey Towards Effective Schools for All Learners, 2nd edition

Authors: J. Michael Peterson, Wayne State University; Mishael Marie Hittie, MacArthur Elementary School, Southfield Public Schools

ISBN: 9780137152186


This is the second edition of a textbook written for special educators. It is organized into thirteen chapters, the final three of which review a model of "Inclusive Academic Instruction." Each chapter contains the following elements:

-Bumps in the Road feature in each chapter offers strategies teachers may use to bypass the barriers that exist in creating inclusive schools and classrooms. Each chapter focuses on one set of barriers and offers strategies specific to the defined challenge.

-Backpack feature in every chapter offers key web-based and other resources related to chapter content that will provide helpful to the teacher for teaching in the inclusive classroom.

-Traveling Notes at the end of every chapter summarize key practices for inclusive teaching, found at the end of each chapter.

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