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Implementing Person-Centered Planning: Voices of Experience

Authors: John O'Brien & Connie Lyle O'Brien - Editors

ISBN: 1-895418-50-X


Here is a list of the chapter authors, and titles. Note that the authors represent leading thinkers in person-centered planning from around the country, as well as some new voices:

Pete Ritchie: "A Turn for the Better."
Connie Lyle O'Brien & John O'Brien: "The Origins of Person-Centered Planning."
Michael Smull: "A Plan Is Not an Outcome."
David & Faye Wetherow: "Community-Building & Commitment-Building."
Beth Mount, John O'Brien & Connie Lyle O'Brien: "Increasing the Chances for Deep Change."
Steve Holburn: "The Value of Measuring Person-Centered Planning."
David Pitonyak: "Opening the Door."
Mary Romer: "Two Is Not Enough."
Steve Holburn: "The Weird Guy."
John O'Brien: "Great Questions and The Art of Portraiture."
Beth Mount: "The Art and Soul of Person-Centered Planning."
Jo Krippenstapel: "The Rhode Island Facilitators Forum."
Mary Jo Almina Caruso & Kathy Lee: "Some Words Along the Way."
Michael Smull: "Helping Staff Support Choice."
Mayer Shevin: "Communication Ally."
Karen Green McGowan: "Getting Beyond Sick."
Susannah Joyce: "Mutual Learning: Involving People Who Use Mental Health Services."
Sally Shemsdorf: "Sequoia: Planning with Senior Parents."
Connie Lyle O'Brien & Beth Mount: "Pathfinders: Transition to Adult Life."
Connie Lyle O'Brien & John O'Brien: "Large Group Process for Person-Centered Planning."
Debra McLean: "A Simple Half-Hitch."
Anne O'Bryan: "Vocational Profiles."
Jack Pealer & Sandra Landis: "Some Beginnings."
Michael Smull: "Thinking About Support Broker Roles."
Helen Sanderson: "Person-Centered Teams."
Pat Fratangelo & Jeff Strully: "The Challenges of Person-Centered Work to Agency Leaders."
Martin Routledge, Helen Sanderson & Rob Greig: "Planning with People: A National Strategy."

Contact Info:
Name:Inclusion Press
Address:24 Thome Crescent
Toronto, Ontario M6H2S5
Phone:416 658-5363
Cost:$25 plus $5 first copy shipping

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