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Women with Disabilities Aging Well

Authors: Patricia Noonan Walsh, Ph.D., and Barbara LeRoy, Ph.D


What do women with developmental disabilities experience as they age and what can service providers and researchers learn from their stories?

That question is the focus of this book, which weaves informative research with the oral histories of more than 160 women in 18 countries. The authors use their research and the personal stories they collected to explore contributing factors to healthy aging. This book provides information to caregivers, policy makers and professionals about how to help women with disabilities live lives of dignity, respect, and community participation.

Readers will learn how women with disabilities around the world manage the everyday issues they face, including:

- economic factors such as employment, finances, and living arrangements
- personal issues such as grooming, mobility, and support systems
- health and nutrition
- recreation
- relationships with family members and friends
- overall well being and quality of life
- disability policies and programs that influence all these factors

This book presents a cross cultural perspective that can guide research and policy to help ensure healthy aging for women with disabilities.

Here are the chapter titles:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Successful Aging: An International Perspective

Chapter 3 Collecting Information and Stories

Chapter 4 Economic and Personal Safety Nets

Chapter 5 Health

Chapter 6 Social Roles

Chapter 7 A Sense of Well-Being

Chapter 8 Aging Well: Policy, Practice and Research Implications

Appendix: Interview Protocol

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