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Practical Guide to Universal Home Design

Authors: Iowa Program for Assistive Technology(Part of Iowa's UCEDD)


This 20-page book provides lots of helpful content with checklists to make a home more physically accessible, click on the "Web Links" tab above to download it as a PDF. After reviewing the intent of universal design and providing additional resources, the content of the book is organized around particular areas of a typical home, including:

-site plan(meaning outdoor layout) and general floor plan
-entry way(the booklet advocates for a step-free entry)
-sleeping areas
-living and dining areas
-closets and storage areas
-doorways and walkways
-electrical outlets and controls

For each area, the booklet begins by giving a checklist of essential elements of an environment free of physical barriers, followed by a checklist of additional elements to consider when building or remodeling a home. The booklet also does a nice job of starring accessibility elements that do not require structural changes so can be inexpensive/easy to add.

Contact Info:
Title:Iowa Program for Assistive Technology
Organization:Center for Disabilities and Development
Address:100 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City,, IA 52242-1011

Web Links

Download the booklet as a PDF

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View a summary of the booklet on publisher's website

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