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Guideposts for Success

Authors: National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability


This publication encourages educators and family members to assure that youth with disabilities have access to evidence based practices that will help them make a successful transition into adult life. The publication distills this information into five "Guideposts for Success." The guideposts, which are fleshed out in the text, are as follows:

-School-based preparatory experiences

-Career preparation and work-based learning experiences

-Youth development and leadership

-Connecting activities

-Family involvement and supports

These Guideposts to Success can help steer families, institutions and youth themselves through the transition processes. They are built on the following underlying assumptions:

1.Highest expectations for all youth, including youth with disabilities;

2.Equality of opportunity for everyone, including nondiscrimination, individualization, and inclusion and integration;

3.Full participation through self-determination, informed choice, and participation in decision making;

4.Independent living, including skill development and long term supports and services;

5.Competitive employment and economic self sufficiency, which may include supports; and,

6.Individualized, person-driven, and culturally and linguistically appropriate transition

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Contact Info:
Organization:NCWD/Youth | c/o Institute for Educational Leadership
Address:4455 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 310
Washington,, DC 20008
Phone:877-871-0744 ; TTY: 877-871-0665

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