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Successful Transition Programs: Pathways for Students With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Second Edition

Authors: John McDonnell Ph.D., Michael L. Hardman Ph.D

ISBN: 9781412960212


This is a textbook about making school based transition programs the most effective they can be, a passage from the publisher’s description:

“Authors John McDonnell and Michael L. Hardman take the position that the most effective transition programs are those that cumulatively build on the capacity of students for employment, community living, and citizenship. “

The publisher cites the book as having the following features:

“•Covers systematic transition planning, employment preparation, participation in the general education curriculum, instruction in community settings, and preparing students to live as independently as possible

•Aligns with recommended practice in the field and with federal legislation governing educational and community service programs

•Contains ecological curriculum models for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities

•Includes focus review questions, real-life example windows, and point/counterpoint boxes from key researchers on controversial issues to help readers connect the book’s concepts with the typical needs of students.”

Here is the book’s Table of Contents:

Section I. Foundations of Transition Programs
1. Historical and Legislative Foundations
2. Expected Outcomes and Emerging Values
3. The Role of Secondary Education in Transition

Section II. Curriculum and Transition Planning
4. Curriculum
5. Developing IEPs/Transition Plans
6. Promoting Self-Determination
7. Parent and Family Involvement

Section III. Instruction and Educational Supports
8. Inclusion in General Education Classes
9. Instruction in Community Settings

Section IV. Critical Program Components
10. Home and Community Living
11. Leisure and Recreation
12. Employment Training
13. Job Placement

Section V. Postschool Options
14. Postschool Residential Alternatives
15. Postschool Employment Alternatives
16. Transition to Postsecondary Education

Taken from the Sage Publications website on 2/12/10 (http://www.sagepub.com/booksProdDesc.nav?prodId=Book232126&#tabview=title)

Contact Info:
Organization:SAGE Publications
Address:2455 Teller Road
Newbury Park,, CA 91320
Cost:$84 (paperback) publisher

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