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Securing a Future for Your Child with a Disability: A Parents' Guide to Adult Services in Arlington County

Authors: Stephanie Sampson


This booklet is written to families who have children or youth with disabilities and in the Arlington, Virginia area, click on the "Web Links" tab to download it as a PDF. Here is the opening paragraph that gives a flavor for why it was written:

"As the parent of a disabled child, until now you and the school system have shared the responsibility of how your child will spend the majority of his or her time during the day. Most likely your child lives with you, goes to school, and perhaps participates in activities sponsored by the school system or in which other peers participate. However, once a child becomes a legal adult at age 18, parents and family must take the lead in defining the future of the adult with a disability. This means researching and advocating for services in areas such as work, recreation, and housing. It also means making arrangements for your child’s long-term financial security."

The booklet has a great deal of content to help parents identify planning needs, and also provides a checklist to suggest what needs to happen at what age. The information is organized into the following sections:

-Estate and Benefits Planning
-Post-secondary, Vocational and Day Support Services
-Living Arrangements

The bulk of the booklet is made up of several appendices that provide families more specific information, especially information about resources available in Arlington, VA. The topics of these appendices are:

-Documents and Record Keeping
-Supplemental Security Income
-Health Insurance
-Medicaid Waivers
-Guardians and Conservators
-Special Needs Trusts
-School-Based Transition Services
-Options for Day Support and Supported Employment
-Recreational and Leisure Resources
-Residential Options
-Legal Resources

Contact Info:
Name:Stephanie Sampson
Organization:Concerned Parents for Arlington Adult Services

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