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Autism & the Transition to Adulthood Success Beyond the Classroom

Authors: Marcia Datlow Smith Ph.D., Carol Schall Ph.D., Paul Wehman Ph.D

ISBN: 978-1-55766-958-2


This book explains how "specific social, behavioral, and cognitive characteristics of people with autism affect the transition to adulthood, exploring potential challenges and traits that can be powerful assets."

The Table of Contents:

1. Understanding the Transition from School to Adulthood for Students with Autism

2. Positive Behavior Support

3. Educational and Transition Planning

4. Meeting Transition Goals Through Inclusion

5. Teaching Youth for Success: From Classroom to Community

6. Navigating the World of Adult Services and Benefits Planning

7. Integrated Employment

8. Post Secondary Options for Students with Autism

9. Critical Life Skills

10. Living in the Community

Here is a sampling of the books benefits as described by the publisher:

"- Conducting skillful assessment to determine a young person's individual career goals, job-related strengths, and independent living skills

- Implementing positive behavior support to help young adults with autism succeed in school and at work

- Showing students and their families how to make the most of SSA disability benefits

- Using supported and/or customized employment strategies to help young people establish satisfying careers that play to their strengths

- Unlocking the benefits of community services and programs, such as vocational rehabilitation programs and Centers for Independent Living

Helping young people with autism develop critical life skills in key areas (i.e., social skills, health and safety, work habits, money management, mobility, recreation and leisure, and personal appearance)."

And many more

Excerpts taken from publishers website 12/30/2009 (www.brookespublishing.com/store/books/wehman-69582/index.htm)

Contact Info:
Organization:Brookes Publishing Company
Address:P.O. Box 10624
Baltimore, Maryland 21285-0624
Phone:1-800-638-3775; international customers call 1-410-337-9580.
Cost:$39.95 (Paperback) from publisher

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