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Aging and Developmental Disability: Current Research, Programming, and Practice Implications

Authors: Joy Hammel & Susan Nochajski


This book, discusses the age-related changes that have an impact on functional abilities and societal participation of older adults with developmental disabilities. A description of changes that affect all older individuals is presented as well as the additional impact which aging may have on persons with developmental disabilities. Information on age-related changes unique to persons with Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy is also presented. The role of occupational and physical therapists in helping to maintain the functional abilities of older persons with developmental disabilities is also discussed.

Chapters include:

Introduction: Aging and Developmental Disability: Current Research, Programming, and Practice Implications.

The Impact of Age-Related Changes on the Functioning of Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Overview of Health Issues of Older Women with Developmental Disabilities

Assistive Technology and Environmental Intervention Impact on the Activity and Life Roles of Aging Adults with Developmental Disabilities:
Findings and Implications for Practice

Supporting Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Families in Planning and Advocacy: A Literature Review

Challenges to Aging in Place: the Elder Adult with MR/DD

Aging and Developmental Disability Information Resources

Contact Info:
Organization:Routledge Publishing
Address:7625 Empire Drive
Florence, Kentucky 41042-2919

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