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Aging and Disability: Research and Clinical Perspectives

Authors: Dr. Joav Merrick

ISBN: 9781425123048


Modern medicine and technology combined with better standards of living have resulted in people living longer. We now see the emergence of a new and larger group of people: those with a congenital or childhood disability who are now surviving into old age.

Secondary medical conditions, such as respiratory illness, renal failure, accidents, infections and depression and barriers to medical care in the past prevented most of these people from experiencing their true life expectancy. The population of persons with life long disability, together with the general population getting older who as a result of old age now have a disability (or more than one), challenge the service providers and planners, who now have to face the problem of aging with a disability.

Both the general population aging and the person with a life long disability have common issues and would both profit from knowledge, experience and research in this field.

In this book you will find the following issues discussed and research presented:

Quality of care in residential care centers
Healthy active aging
Health aspects
Pain in older people
Specific health problems
Loss and end of life issues
Aging in specific populations
Older people with dementia
Policy issues

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Organization:International Academic Press and distributed by Trafford Publishing,,
Address:Trafford 1663 Liberty Drive,
Bloomington, IN 47403

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