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Letters of Intent Fact Sheet


This is a fact sheet from the Arc of Frederick County, Inc. which outlines how to create a letter of intent. Click on the "Web Links" tab above to download it as a PDF file.

A letter of intent explains the hopes of a parent or someone else very close to a person with disabilities, it is meant to guide others in the event of a death of the parent. It is to be given to family, friends and professionals of people with disabilities. It contains information to help guide decisions to assure the person with a disability continues to have a high quality of life in accordance with the deceased persons wishes.

Contact Info:
Organization:The Arc of Frederick County, Inc.
Address:620A Research Drive
Frederick, Maryland 21703
Phone:301/663-0909; TDD 301/663-0936

Web Links

Download the fact sheet as a PDF

Visit the homepage of The Arc of Frederick County

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