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Accommodation and Compliance Guides on particular disabilities

Authors: JAN (Job Accomodation Network)


These guides were developed in 2009, and each covers a specific type of disability. They are written at college reading level and each can either be read online (HTML), downloaded as a PDF, or listened to in audio format.

The series covers many disability groups and does not seem to have a central jumping off place to organize them. The Quality Mall staff searched out a few we think will be of particular interest to our audiences. Click on the "Web Links" tab above to go directly to those related to people who have autism, those who intellectual or cognitive disabilities, those who have traumatic brain injuries, and/or those who use wheelchairs.

Each guide is laid out to provide the following:
- General information about the disability

- How those living with the disability are included under the Americans with Disabilities Act

- Examples of functional limitations typically imposed by the disability with bulleted ideas for employers in providing accommodations (This includes a "Situations and Solutions" section that provides real life examples of accommodations that worked well), and accommodation products.

- Additional resources for employers and a reference list with links to source information.

Contact Info:
Organization:JAN Job Accommodation Network)
Address:PO Box 6080
Morgantown, West Virginia 26506
Phone:(800) 526-7234 (V); (877) 781-9403 (TTY)

Web Links

View/download/listen to the Accommodation and Compliance Guide-People with Traumatic Brain Injury

View/download/listen to the Accommodation and Compliance Guide- People with Autism

View/download/listen to the Accommodation and Compliance Guide- People with Intellectual or Cognitive Disabilities

View/download/listen to the Accommodation and Compliance Guide- People who use wheelchairs

Visit the home page for the Job Accommodations Network

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