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Lessons in Grief and Death: Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities in the Healing Process

Authors: Linda Van Dyke

ISBN: 1892696304


A description from the publisher, High Tide Press:

"Facing a death or loss is never easy; for a person with a disability, the burden is often greater. But, this burden can be lightened significantly with knowledge-based support and a generous helping of kindness.

This book features a three-fold approach:

-A description of the grief counseling process
-Dozens of activities–including art, music, and drama– that can be used to help a person through the grief process
-Nine uplifting stories of real individuals coping with the death of a child, the death of a parent, the death of a friend, the death of a day program group leader, a national tragedy, one’s own death, and more.

These stories are from the lives of real people. They offer lessons about the cycle of life and the power of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to master this deep emotional challenge."


Contact Info:
Organization:High Tide Press
Address:2081 Calistoga Drive
Suite 2N
New Lenox, IL 60451
Phone:(815) 717-3780
Fax:(815) 717-3783

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