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Toward Independence


This seminal report to the US Congress was published in 1986 and became a key foundation for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Click on the "Web Links" tab above to read the entire report on a webpage (HTML).

The report summarizes the findings of the National Council on Disability and presents its recommendations, reflecting the consensus of the Council on the issues addressed. As requested by Congress in the statutory directive concerning the report, it includes a listing of Federal programs serving people with disabilities prioritized according to Federal expenditures. The recommendations presented in the report are designed to improve the ability of persons with disabilities to live with dignity and as independently as possible within their communities.

An Appendix presents, under separate cover, ten topic papers providing the Council's detailed analysis and conclusions upon which the recommendations in this report are based. The ten topic areas were selected by the Council for in-depth analysis and study because of their clear importance to persons with disabilities and to Federal policy regarding disability programs. The Council's recommendations offer the most constructive and realistic solutions it has identified to problems in each of these topic areas. The Council recognizes that there may be some disagreement about what are the "best" solutions in specific cases, but it is confident that everyone involved in disability issues will agree that the issue areas examined in this report are areas that must be addressed if we hope to achieve a coherent and constructive Federal approach to disability.

-from www.ncd.gov/newsroom/publications/1986/toward.htm

Contact Info:
Organization:National Council on Disability
Address:1331 F Street, NW,
Suite 850
Washington,, DC 20004-1107
Phone:(202) 272-2004 Voice, (202) 272-2074 TT
Fax:(202) 272-2022 Fax

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