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Just this side of normal

Authors: Elizabeth King Gerlach

ISBN: 1-932565-03-5


"When I grow up I want to be a screwdriver!" A small boy spins down the sidewalk as his mother follows him with her eyes and heart. Nicky has autism. Winner of the ASA Outstanding Literary Work of the Year Award, "Just this side of normal" is a powerful story of a parent's search for understanding in a world that sometimes makes no sense. This book was one of the first autobiographies written by a parent of a child with autism and it continues to inspire both parents and professionals in the autism community.

-taken from the website of the publisher, Future Horizons, Inc.

Contact Info:
Organization:Future Horizons, Inc.
Address:721 W. Abram Street
Arlington, Texas 76013
Phone:1-817-277-0727, 1-800-489-0727

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