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Quality in Practice: End of Life Issues


This fact sheet has suggestions for agencies about best practices in supporting people with disabilities as they near the end of their lives. Click on the "Web Links" tab above to either view the fact sheet online (HTML), or download it as a PDF. After starting with the general statement pasted below, the fact includes several bulleted points that illustrate what high quality support at the end of life looks like.

"As people age, the likelihood of facing personal losses through serious illness or death increases. Organizations have a role in promoting and maintaining community participation for people with disabilities in later life and in providing end-of-life support."

The Council on Quality and Leadership(CQL) has developed a series of Quality in Practice guides to assist agencies in a wide variety of areas related to quality improvement. These guides are based on CQL's experience in working with hundreds of agencies using their system of accreditation and quality determination based on personal outcomes in the lives of people who receive services.

These Quality in Practice guides reflect many of the practices that CQL staff encounter within the organizations they visit. These resource tools provide practical tips and suggestions for how to improve quality in the areas that they have found to be most critical for achieving personal outcomes and building responsive services. Quality in Practice is compiled and written by CQL staff from their experiences in meeting with people and visiting organizations across the country and seeing what works.

Opening statement copied from actual fact sheet as viewed online on 1/28/2017 at c-q-l.org/resource-library/publications/cql-publications-for-free/quality-in-practice-guides/end-of-life-issues

Contact Info:
Organization:The Council on Quality and Leadership
Address:100 West Road, Suite 406
Towson, MD 21204
Phone:(410) 583-0060
Fax:(410) 583-0063

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