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Children and Youth Assisted by Medical Technology in Educational Settings: Guidelines for Care

Authors: Stephanie Porter, Marilynn Haynie, Timaree Bierle, Terry Heintz Caldwell, & Judith S. Palfrey

ISBN: 1-55766-236-3


This is a hands-on reference that provides the help needed to give the care and support required to include students assisted by medical technology in school settings. Health care procedures are described and illustrated in detail.
Featured are detailed guidelines for workig with a range of students including those who:
require tube feeding
receive hemodialysis
rely on a ventilator
utilize supplemental oxygen

In addition, this book offers broad coverage of daily guidelines and emergency procedures related to:
ostomy care
tracheostomy care
clean intermittent catheterization

New to the second edition are chapter that provide information to school personnel on transition planning and trasportation issues.

Easy-to-duplicate forms and checklists add to this book's practical use and especially useful to school nurses, teachers and parents.

Contact Info:
Name:Paul Brookes Publishing Co.
Address:PO 10624
Baltimore, MD 21285-0624

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