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Existing Facility Checklist

Authors: Institute for Human-Centered Design


This 87-page document explains in great detail how to modify existing facilities to make them accessible for people who have physical disabilities, click on the "Web Links" tab above to download it as a PDF. The report is laid out as a checklist with diagrams and measurements to show exactly how built environments can be modified to accommodate persons who use wheelchairs, and in a few instances, people who have difficulty walking or have visual impairments. The contents are organized according to the following priorities:

Priority 1- Approaches & Entrances
Priority 2- Access to Goods & Services
Priority 3- Toilet Rooms
Priority 4- Additional Access (drinking fountains, telephones, fire alarms)

Contact Info:
Organization:Institute for Human Centered Design
Address:200 Portland Street
Suite 1
Boston, Massachusetts 02114
E-mail: info@HumanCenteredDesign.org
Cost:Free download

Web Links

Download the full checklist as a PDF

Learn how to make a customized version of the checklist

Visit the homepage of the author organization, Institute for Human Centered Design

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