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Disability Awareness

Authors: Chris Lenart


Chris Lenart is a person with cerebral palsy who has created a wonderful website that can provide support to others with similar disabilities. The website also is useful in teaching others about the joys and challenges of living a full life as a person with a disability.

Click on the "Web Links" tab above to begin exploring this website. Check out the links to:
-The V-logs- Here Chris shares his thoughts on many different interesting topics, such as how to hire and work with a personal care assistant, issues of kids with cerebral palsy, "CP 101", and issues of who have autism.

-The courses- Chris has developed an online curriculum about all the issues in hiring and working with a personal care assistant. The curriculum offers a free trial, and there is a $50.00 charge to complete the entire course.

-The book- Chris and a co-author have written a book on living with cerebral palsy that can be downloaded as a PDF for a nominal cost.

-The blogs- Here Chris shares thoughts on his life and shares advice for others who have disabilities. For example, there are blog entries on topics like hiring a personal care assistant, planning for the future, and the importance of friendships.

-Event Planner- Chris is available to do presentations at any event.

Description above based on a review of the website completed on 11/29/2017, Homepage disabilityawareness.us

Contact Info:
Name:Chris Lenart
Address:1141 Iroquois Ave.
Naperville, IL 60563

Web Links

Visit the homepage of Disability Awareness

Watch all of Chris's Vlogs

Read Chris's Blog

Read Chris's Blog

Check out the online course Chris developed on managing personal care assistants

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