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Enhancing Belonging: A Guidebook for Individuals, Organizations, and Communities


Enhancing Belonging is a guidebook for individuals, organization, and communities that was produced by The New Story Group of Waterloo Region. The guidebook is a comprehensive tool meant to help generate conversation and change for marginalized groups. Click on the "Web Links" tab above to download the entire 52-page guidebook as a PDF.

The guidebook does not target the disability community specifically but instead seeks to promote inclusion for all isolated and marginalized groups, as well as give communities the tools for inclusion. The guidebook operates from five core themes which are:
- Community spaces are open, inviting, and accessible
- People are welcomed and acknowledged
- People can participate and contribute in ways that are personally meaningful
- There are opportunities to come together with others around common interest or goals
- Policies and practices work to create a culture that nurtures belonging.

The guidebook contains comprehensive information on belonging and inclusion as well as practical and tangible tools for individuals, organizations, and communities.

Contact Info:
Name:John Lord
Organization:New Story Group of Waterloo Region

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