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Real Life After School

Authors: Gary Bunch, Kevin Finnegan and Jack Pearpoint


This guide provides an overarching guide for teachers and families to plan for "students experiencing significant difficulty." It was created by Gary Bunch, Kevin Finnegan and Jack Pearpoint in 2009 and published by Inclusion Press.

Click on the "Web Links" tab to download the entire 120+ page guide, it offers teachers and families person centered approaches to transition planning. You can also purchase a copy through the publisher, Inclusion Press. The guide is organized into nine chapters titled as follows:
-Who's Ideas and Experiences Inform This Resource Manual?
-Design of This Resource
-The School Context and the Family Context
-How Teachers & Families Approach Transition Planning
-What Does All This Suggest?
-A Parent Transition Workshop Initiative
-Person Centered Planning, and Supportive Resources

This guide is particularly helpful for teachers and families working with transitioning students, but can be used by other providers and professionals as well.

Contact Info:
Organization:Inclusion Press
Address:47 Indian Trail
Toronto, ON M6R 1Z8

Web Links

Download the PDF of "Real Life After School"

Visit the home page of Inclusion Press, you can contact them if you want to order a print copy

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