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Center for Disability Information and Referral


The Center for Disability Information and Referral (CeDIR) is a disability focused project of Indiana University Bloomington. The Center, which offers over 5,000 books, videos, and kits for rent, is Indiana's premier source for information and scholarship on disability. CeDIR strives to deliver quality products and services to residents of Indiana through their lending library. The Center focuses on meeting the needs of their patrons by offering a variety of media for rent as well as keeping the interests and wants of their patrons at the core of their work.

CeDIR also offers over 20 resource guides covering a range of topics pertinent to folks with disabilities, service providers, and families affected by disability. These resource guides cover these topics: Classroom and Community, Families and Early Childhood, Specific Disabilities, and Transition and Advocacy, with each containing various resources and guides on these topics.

Contact Info:
Name:Christina Wray
Organization:Center for Disability Information and Referral
Address:1905 North Range Rd
Bloomington, IN 47408

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