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Listen to Me!

Authors: Allen Shea & Associates


The Listen to Me! Workbook is a tool to support person-centered planning based on the ideas of Michael Smull. The workbook is designed to give people with disabilities a voice in their own support coordination and transition planning by highlighting likes, dislikes, strengths, and other important aspects of an individual's life. The interactive workbook is designed to facilitate meaningful dialogue among care providers, guardians, and others about important psychosocial factors in an individual's life. These types of discussions can assist in creating a more meaningful and person-centered plan for care and life transition.

The workbook, which is downloadable as a PDF, provides questions and space to answer in a variety of general categories including: "Who is a part of your life? What are some great things about you? What things do you like to do?" The workbook also provides space to think and write about what they would like a typical week and weekend to look like. It concludes with a nice tool to help groups understand the preferences of people who do not communicate with words.

Contact Info:
Name:Bill Allen
Organization:Allen Shea & Associates
Address:50 Chapel Hill Drive
Napa, CA 94559

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