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Getting from Where I Am to Where I Want to Be


The "Getting from Where I Am to Where I Want to Be!" workbook is designed to walk individuals through the process of naming what is most important to and about them, and making plans for the future. It is available online for free, click on the "Web Links" tab above to download a copy now. The first person style workbook is designed to be accessible for individuals with disabilities, but can also be completed with support from a counselor, guardian, teacher, or other helper.

The questions in the workbook are organized into the following four sections:
- Things about you - Asks about preferred leisure and community activities, new things the person would like to try, as well as space to record what makes her/him frustrated, mad, or sad.

- About Work - Asks about current working status and satisfaction, desired jobs for the future, and the kinds of supports that make a finding and keeping a job work well for them.

- Things About How You Live and Would Like to Live - This title is self-explanatory. Includes questions about what they like, and are challenges in current living situation, if they want to stay there and, if not, where and with whom they would like to live.

- Looking Ahead - The final two pages asks questions to help the person think about what s/he wants to do in the next 3-5 years and the kinds of support needed to get there. The final page helps the person design a planning meeting.

Most questions are open-ended, with a few yes/no and short answer. They are designed to facilitate big picture thinking and/or discussion with loved ones and care providers. The workbook offers individuals a tangible tool for planning and thinking about the future.

Contact Info:
Name:Bill Allen
Organization:Allen, Shea, & Associates
Address:50 Chapel Hill Drive
Napa, CA 94559

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