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This interactive App for iPads, designed by The Council of Quality and Leadership, is a tool for both providers interested in assessing how well their organization is performing, and for self-advocates preparing for their person-centered planning meeting. The CQL Personal Outcome Screening Tool (POST) app allows organizations and/or providers to create a quality of life snapshot for individuals.

The POST app uses simple language and is set-up so that a person with disabilities can use it to assess how well their supports are helping them in the 21 quality-of-life outcome areas used by The Council of Quality and Leadership, as well as how important each of the 21 outcomes are to them. The app is an effective tool to help people prepare for person-centered planning meetings. It can be used to assess which types of services would be most beneficial for an individual as well as how effective service delivery is for an individual.

Information gathered by the POST app can be useful for providers in assessing how well their services are working across consumers. The data gathered allows providers to spot areas in which services need improvement, as well as those areas in which DSPs are doing a great job and deserve recognition

Contact Info:
Organization:The Council on Quality and Leadership
Address:100 West Road Suite 300
Towson, Maryland 21204

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