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Tech Toolbox


This website lists many technological tools that may be helpful to people with disabilities. The tools can be sorted by hardware, software, or online tools. There are several other ways to sort through the many tools, including:
-Goal or need (there are tools to help people operate a computer or other device, with independent living, healthy living, job performance, communication, relationships, entertainment, and education)
-User abilities and needs (there are devices that help people without fine motor control to use voice commands, mouth, feet, or body gestures)
-Special features (there are tools good for users who understand only pictures, simple language or spoken word. Some tools are available with screen magnification, high contrast images, large print, or braille)

Devices include those with touch screens, easy to grip, durable, mounts, wifi, and word prediction and IOS, Android, Microsoft, and Linux operating systems. Ages include birth to senior, and prices range from $0-$2000.

The Arc's tech toolbox is an interactive website, any user can tell about their experiences using each technology and give it a rating that will be helpful to others as they consider new technology options. There is also an opportunity for anyone to suggest new devices to add to this toolbox.

Contact Info:
Organization:The Arc
Address:1825 K Street, NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20006
Phone:(800) 433-5255

Web Links

Homepage for the Toolbox

Homepage for The Arc

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