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The Inclusion Institutes


The Inclusion Institutes are a group of research and service projects related to inclusive education for groups of students who have traditionally struggled. They are housed within the School of Education at Syracuse University in New York state. These programs are leading the way toward greater inclusion for individuals with disabilities and other students who have historically been marginalized in the educational system.

All three of these Institutes have a distinct focus. They are rooted in inclusion and reflect efforts to provide greater access to schooling and communication for all students across the lifespan.

The three Institutes are:
-Institute on Communication and Inclusion - This Institute was originally called the Facilitated Communication Institute, and has since expanded its focus. It includes research, training and public dissemination that focus on school and community inclusion, narratives of disability and ability, and disability rights.

-Taishoff Center for Inclusive Higher Education - This Institute focuses on the needs of people with intellectual disabilities who either want to attend college, or are attending college.

-Schools of Promise - This Institute focuses on the needs of all elementary school students in Syracuse, New York, and especially those who have traditionally not been successful in schools(i.e., students with disabilities, students learning English, students of color, and students from low-income families).

Information taken 7/20/15 from: http://soe.syr.edu/centers_institutes/inclusion_institute/default.aspx

Contact Info:
Organization:Syracuse University - School of Education
Address:230 Huntington Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244

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