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SimplyHome System Personal Response System


By communicating with multiple sensors (motion sensors, door/window sensors, bed sensors, stove sensors and more) to log activities of daily living, the SimplyHome System proactively alerts caregivers and loved ones of changes in everyday life patterns. The system consists of several possible tools. Notifications are designed to alert caregivers and/or loved ones of pre-determined activities, or inactivity, within the home, all of which are customized to address individual needs.

The Personal Emergency Response System(PERS) is an entry-level system that uses a phone line to activate a notification to a trained responder call center should you have a need. The PERS arrives already programmed, just plug in the base unit to a phone line and electrical outlet in your home. The pendant is wirelessly connected to the base and can be pressed at any time.

SimplyHome offers two other monitoring products to help people remain safe while living independently in the community:

Their Medication Dispenser is designed to aid persons who take medications on a scheduled basis. The Medication Dispenser is designed to alert the user, with an alarm at the time medications need to be taken. The unit has twenty-eight compartments to hold medication and can be programmed to deliver up to four doses a day.

Their GPS Locator Watch is actually a tiny cell phone worn as a watch. The Watch can accurately communicate an individualís location, right to your computer, cellular or smart phone.

Contact Info:
Name:Kristen Suttles
Title:Marketing Director
Organization:SimplyHome, LLC
Address:1280 Hendersonville Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803

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