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Boards For All: Plain Language Boardsmanship Training

Authors: Boards for All


Becoming the member of a Board of Directors can seem complicated, but this online training offers an easy-to-understand way to learn about successful governance participation. The series assists participants when deciding if board membership is right for them or if they need basic understanding of boardsmanship practices. Any community member who thinks of joining a board, advisory committee or council will find the video series and tools useful.

This web-based training series uses an easy-to-follow design, plain language and worksheets that incorporate simple strategies to increase community member leadership. There are two key objectives:
- To increase personal empowerment, and;
- To create opportunities for participants to have influential voices.

The training includes a segment on facilitation and meeting mentors to highlight the value of assisting board or committee members who may need individual support. The series also discusses the benefits of partnership with regional and statewide agencies to facilitate greater public engagement and leadership in community, state or national organizations.

The series is divided into five short, online videos with worksheets that address the following topics:
● Board of Directors
● Role of Board Members
● Purpose of Committees
● Board Development
● Facilitation and Mentoring

After each video, the viewer is guided to complete a worksheet that reinforces the information presented. At the end of the five-part series, viewers are asked to create their own leadership mission statements to clarify their interest in being a volunteer member of a board, committee or council.

Contact Info:
Name:Mark Straford
Organization:Boards Resource Center
Address:PO Box 60-1477
Sacramento, CA 95860

Web Links

Download an overview of the training series

Download the full training manual

Go to the launching pad from which you can access all five lessons

Initiate the first lesson, "Boards of Directors"

Visit the home page of the designer, the Board's Resource Center.

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