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WhisperGLIDE Swing


Whisper Glide Swing Company designs wheelchair accessible porch swings. Their revolutionary design promotes balance, encourages conversation, and reduces agitation, anxiety, and depression. The swings give opportunity for therapeutic social interaction, appeals to all ages, and can bridge the gap between generations. This product is perfect for health care facilities, continuing care retirement centers, special needs centers, hospitals, daily care centers, and individuals.


WhisperGLIDE® - The WhisperGLIDE Swing is offered in both Two-Bench and Wheelchair-Accessible models, designed for indoor and outdoor use.

RockerGLIDE™ - The RockerGLIDE Compact Rocker takes all of the benefits of our traditional swing in a revolutionary compact rocker design.

Contact Info:
Organization:WhisperGlide Swing Company
Address:10051 Kerry Court N.
Hugo, MN 55038
Cost:Depends on design

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