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Person-Centred Thinking with Older People: 6 Essential Practices

Authors: Helen Sanderson, Helen Bown and Gill Bailey

ISBN: 978-1-84905-612-0


Here is a description copied from the publisher's website:

"Person-centered practices are a key way to provide the best possible care and support for older people and help them to be active and valued members of the community. Drawing on a wealth of experience of working with older people, the authors present the 6 essential person-centered practices.

Each of the practices is designed to support the individual and put what is important to and for the person at the forefront of their care. Each practice has been tailored so that older people can express more easily what does and does not work for them. By actively listening and making each person feel appreciated, the practices represent practical tools for frontline practitioners to form good relationships with people in their care. With supporting stories and full color photographs to illustrate how person-centered thinking and practice is used in real-life settings, there are many examples to help practitioners to overcome challenges and to really implement positive, effective changes to care.

This practical book will be a valuable resource for care staff, social workers and healthcare workers who want to learn about person-centered practices to deliver best practice care and support."

-Information copied on 4/23/2015 from www.jkp.com/usa/person-centred-thinking-with-older-people.html

Contact Info:
Organization:Jessica Kingsley Publishers - U.S. Office
Address:400 Market Street
Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone:866/416-1078 (toll free ordering); 215/922-1161 (main office)

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