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Aging and Disability


This website has a great deal of information for those who support people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who are elders or nearing the end of their lives. All information is organized into these sections of the website:

- Healthy Aging - This section looks at the normal aging process.

- Changing Needs - This section looks at changing needs, including those associated with the onset of Alzheimer Disease and dementia.

- Complex/Palliative Care - This section addresses the issues of power of attorney, walking with families in difficult times, circles of support around individuals who are seriously ill and palliative care.

- Ending Life Well - This section looks at the “final journey” and provides tools for end of life planning, including funeral or memorial services. It also offers personal testimonials of good practices during this time in people’s lives.

- Grieving - This section looks at ways that people can support one another through the grieving process. It gives particular attention to the experience of grieving in the context of a community of ‘differently-abled’ individuals.

In each of these sections, there are many resources. These include:
- Downloadable PDF documents that provide helpful information on the topic for families and caregivers
- Several 3-5 minute videos featuring consumers and DSPs telling real life stories.
- Links to other resources and organizations.

Contact Info:
Organization:L'Arch Canada
Address:1833, Sherbrooke E.
Bureau 101
Montreal, QC (Quebec) H2K 1B4

Web Links

Home page of the Aging an Disability website

Home page of the host agency, L'Arch Canada

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