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Impact: Feature Issue on Postsecondary Education and Students with Intellectual, Developmental and Other Disabilities

Authors: Cate Weir, Janice Fialka, Joe Timmons, and Derek Nord, Issue Editors


Did you know that roughly 30% of college-aged young adults with disabilities attend postsecondary classes after high school? This newsletter includes personal stories, summaries of research and policy, and strategies that can help these postsecondary students with disabilities find success. This issue of the Impact Newsletter:
- Investigates what is known and unknown to support and increase participation of students with disabilities in obtaining higher education, and;
- Articulates strategies for educators and families to support planning and transition strategies while the student is sill in high school, and the impact postsecondary school will have on the their lives.

Here are examples of specific article titles

Personal Stories:
-What’s a Parent to Do? Micah’s College Dream
-Education for Employment: Mandela's Story
-How College Benefits Us: Students with Intellectual Disabilities Speak Out
-Not Superwoman: Reflections on Beginning Graduate School
-The Power of Inclusion: Personal Reflections on Creating Change

Summaries of Research and Policy:
-Students with Disabilities in Higher Education: Participating in America’s Future
-Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities: An Overview of Current Program Types
-Federal Legislation Increasing Higher Education Access for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
-Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities: Emerging Standards, Quality Indicators and Benchmarks

-Key Roles in Planning the Transition to College and Careers
-Preparing Students with Intellectual Disabilities for College: Tips for Parents and Teachers
-Using Individual Supports to Customize a Postsecondary Education Experience

Description is based, with article titles copied from the newsletter as viewed online on 12/24/14 at ici.umn.edu/products/impact/233/default.html

Contact Info:
Organization:Institute on Community Integration (UCEDD)- Publications Office
Address:109 Pattee Hall
150 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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