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Sengistix L.L.C.


Sengistix L.L.C. is a company that creates home monitoring technologies. Each of their packages is individualized based on a person's goals, as well as areas of need or risk. Active monitoring ensures that activity within the house is typical for the person, and sends an alert when there may be something wrong. Their products include:

-SENS Vision - This technology is for those times when the person doesn’t typically need physical assistance, but may need observation and some guidance. It uses an audio/video interface allowing a Sengistix staff member to observe and interact with a person from a remote location. The Sengistix staff members who work with the person remain consistent over time, and must complete training through the College of Direct Support.

-bioSENS - These technologies are worn on the person's body to provide vital and timely information to manage health conditions, such as blood pressure, blood sugar and pulse. Some require that the person be able to take the reading when reminded, and the information is relayed to an appropriate person when it is beyond thresholds acceptable for that person.

-SENS MedMinder - This technology sets up reminders and auto-documentation of when the person's medications are to be taken and refilled, with optional locking mechanism

-Stove Guard - This technology uses motion sensors to determine when the personn's stove has been left unattended and turns off the stove after a specified time period

This information and more can be found at: https://sengistix.com/products/

Contact Info:
Organization:Sengistix LLC
Address:1444 Northland Drive
Mendota Heights, MN 55120

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