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The Rights of People with Cognitive Disabilities to Technology and Information Access


This declaration was announced at the Thirteenth Annual Coleman Institute National Conference on Cognitive Disability and Technology on October 2, 2013 in Broomfield, Colorado. It was developed by a coalition of disability organizations and individuals who asserted that people with cognitive disabilities have an equal right to technology and information access.

Individuals and organizations may join the social movement through endorsing this declaration. Click on the Web Links tab above for links to view the declaration, endorse it, and learn more about it. The website has many videos and letters of support explaining why this is an important issue.

Contact Info:
Organization:Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities
Address:University of Colorado System
3825 Iris Avenue, Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone:(303) 492-0639
Fax:(303) 735-5643
Cost:Free PDF Download

Web Links

Read the declaration online

Learn more about the declaration

Endorse the declaration

Home page for Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities

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