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Home Routines


From the Publisher:

Home Routines is an app for what we like to call Repeaty Stuff. You create lists of jobs that need to be done around the same time, or on the same day. These lists are called Routines. These appear to remind you when you need them, and when you mark each task as complete you get a gold star.

At the top of the homepage is a little daily reminder bar. You can use this to remind yourself of the day’s focus (Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday) or a regular event, or use it for a positive message to yourself (I always recommend “Rock on!”)

On each screen of the app you’ll find a small timer to help you get started and get focused.

There’s a “Focus Zones” section where you can keep your own detailed cleaning lists for each room of your place. These can rotate per day of the week, or each week of the month, to help you steadily do that little extra to keep ahead of the creeping Mess of Doom.

There’s also a little simple To Do list, included to help you focus on what you’re actually working on; if you think of something you “just need to do”, tap it in and finish what you’re working on. It’ll keep.

The Accomplishments list a place where you can see (and share) everything you’ve marked as complete today.

There’s free syncing between devices, so you can keep more than one device in sync, or share your lists with another human being so you can work together.

-Description taken from the publisher's website viewed on 8/3/14 (www.homeroutines.com/)

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