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TapTapSee is a mobile camera application designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired mobile device users. The app utilizes the device’s camera and VoiceOver functions to photograph objects and identify them out loud for the user.

TapTapSee enables the user to double tap on the device’s screen to photograph any two or three dimensional object at any angle, have it accurately analyzed, and defined within seconds. The iDevice’s VoiceOver then speaks the identification audibly to the user.

TapTapSee is a subscription based service. New users are provided with 20 trial pictures to get started. After those images are exhausted, a message appears requesting the user to select one of the four subscription plans that are offered:
• 50 Picture Pack for $4.99 (no time limit)
• 100 Picture Pack for $7.99 (no time limit)
• One Month of Unlimited Pictures for $9.99
• Three Months of Unlimited Pictures for $24.99

-Description taken from the publisher's website viewed on 8/3/14 (www.taptapseeapp.com)

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Cost:TapTapSee is a subscription based service: 50 Picture Pack for $4.99 (no time limit); 100 Picture Pack for $7.99 (no time limit); One Month of Unlimited Pictures for $9.99; Three Months of Unlimited Pictures for $24.99

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